Secret Secret Are No Fun, Secret Secret Hurts Someone

This movie is a documentary on WikiLeaks and its primary founder, Julian Assange. After watching this movie, I realized there are two sides of the debate, one side is formed with the people who kept and trying to keep secrets and the other side which is formed with the people who leaked and leaking secrets. In this movie, people who are keeping secrets are usually governments. Every government has secrets to protect themselves which is justifiable. But if a country makes mistakes (i.e. the incident showed in the video “collateral murder”) and tries to cover it up by withholding information, or performing any other action, then it’s a crime against the humanity.

           This movie made me feel like there is no government in this planet who is honest to its people completely. Moreover, the nation who prides of their Democracy, freedoms and justice, once condemned communism with a reasoning that although communism in papers looks good but in reality it’s a type of dictatorship that censors information of their wrong doings. However at this era, it almost seems like our governments are no different between them and us. United States, the country that officially fights for the natural rights of each human beings, fired on innocent people from chopper. May be it was a mistake but all mistakes should have consequences or else mistakes will happen more often. For example, it takes a lot for a anyone (even a serial killer) to murder someone for the first time (regardless of being intentional or unintentional), but if no one catches that person or, if he successfully covered up his crimes, the next it will get easier for that person to commit the same crime (regardless of intentional or unintentional). This goes for any person, group of persons and even governments.

          Most of this documentary favored one side which is of WikiLeaks and its founder and some of its aspect took account of some negative of Julian Assange. Therefore, I cannot solely believe on this movie without cross checking some information. However, I applaud the courage Julian Assange, Bradly Manning and other whistle blowers who risked and sacrificed their normal life for teaching humanity, of few key mistakes made by our governments and what they did to cover them up.Image

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